Grants and Incentives

Charge Ahead Colorado

This grant program will fund 80% of project costs associated with charging stations, up to $9,000 for Level 2 and $30,000 for Level 3 chargers, for entities located throughout the state. The grant is jointly administered by the Colorado Energy Office and Regional Air Quality Council. Full details and information can be found at their website.

  • Application rounds 3 times each year.

Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) Alternative Fuels Funding Program

In partnership with the Colorado Energy Office and Regional Air Quality Council,  DOLA’s Energy and Mineral Impact Assistance Program Tier II application cycle will fund alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs), alternative fuel infrastructure, and maintenance facility upgrades that support AFVs. Only public entities (local governments and special districts) qualify. Infrastructure projects require a 25% minimum match. For vehicles, 100% of the incremental cost between an AFV and it’s conventional equivalent would be funded. Full details and applications can be found at their website.

  • Applications due three times a year: April 1, August 1, December 1

Colorado State Tax Credits

Colorado offers a substantial tax credit for alternative fuel vehicles that are purchased new or converted, as well as idle reduction equipment, aerodynamic technologies, and clean fuel refrigerated trailers. Tax credits are categorized according to the fuel or technology type and vehicle weight class, and each category has a credit cap ranging anywhere from $6,000-$20,000. Details can be located on the Colorado Energy Office websiteFor assistance, don’t hesitate to contact Clean Cities at


Additional Policies and Incentives

Additional policies and incentives can be found on the Refuel Colorado website or the Alternative Fuel Data Center.