ReCharge Colorado

An Electric Vehicle Coaching Program for Colorado Communities

The Colorado Energy Office’s ReCharge Colorado Program works to advance the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs). The ReCharge Colorado program delivers EV and EV charging infrastructure coaching services to every county in the state of Colorado. The objective of ReCharge Colorado is to increase adoption of EVs and installation of EV charging infrastructure in Colorado. ReCharge Coaches build local stakeholder support for EV adoption and leverage these networks to drive EV sales and participation in State EV and EV charging infrastructure funding opportunities.

ReCharge Colorado Coaches – known as ReCharge Coaches – provide coaching services for EVs and infrastructure development in every county in the state. ReCharge Coaches help consumers, local governments, workplaces, and multiunit housing developments identify monetary savings, grant opportunities, and other advantages related to deploying EVs and infrastructure.

Charging Stations and Grant Opportunities

ReCharge Coaches help explain engineering and design requirements needed to develop charging stations. ReCharge Coaches also help drive participation in state and partner programs such as Charge Ahead Colorado.


ReCharge Coaches help business owners, government leaders, and consumers understand the financial, environmental, economic development, and energy security advantages of EVs. By working with Colorado communities, ReCharge Coaches hep create an ecosystem of broad support and resources necessary for a successful transition to EVs.


ReCharge Coaches inform dealerships about incentives their customers can utilize in the purchase of EVs and create/promote group buys and EV ride-and-drive events.


ReCharge Colorado territories
The five ReCharge Colorado coaching territories.

Southern Colorado Clean Cities serves as the designated Coach for 13 counties in the greater Pikes Peak region and Eastern Colorado. Our Clean Cities territory, which spans the lower half of the state, also includes two other ReCharge coaches. Please contact us to discuss your needs and we will be happy to help or put you in contact with one of the other ReCharge coaches depending on your location.